Harmony Ecosystem Map Contest

Abhishek Purushotham
2 min readDec 23, 2021

Hello Harmonauts, the Harmony ecosystem is growing and so is our community. This year has been humbling, motivating and, above all, unbelievable when looking back to see how far we’ve all come. The Harmony ecosystem has expanded and grown at an exponential speed and we are proud to witness the exciting projects joining our ecosystem.

With such achievements by the end of 2021, we thought we would do something exciting to leverage the power of our community. To mark and celebrate this journey, we are hosting a contest & calling on our community to use your creativity to the max!

Task: Depict the new & updated Harmony ecosystem map.

📆Start: December 23rd, 2021(07:00 PM PST)

📆End: December 30th, 2021(07:00 PM PST)

💸Reward Pool: $2000 in ONEs

Use your creativity, Harmony brand colors & tactics to create this design and share your vision with Harmony and the entire crypto community.

How to participate?

You can submit your work to the competition right now by fulfilling the following steps and requirements:

  1. Complete the contest form and upload your ecosystem map for consideration — https://forms.gle/ooryCB31y35yVDVi7
  2. Post your entry on Twitter and tag @harmonyptotocol with the hashtag #ONEmap2022

Submission Requirements

At Least 100 ecosystem logos should be featured

To find all the projects you can visit HarmonyUniverse.one.

We are looking forward to some inspiring designs of our Harmony ecosystem! Let your creativity unfold!

About Harmony 💙

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